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Namuun Zimmermann designs and offers creative educational workshops for schools, universities and communities with diverse concepts around Art, Technology and Design. She develops creative methods for participants to explore their perspective on today’s world, with diverse workshops that have a strong social, cultural and political approach.


She has been working with Serpentine Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Barbican Centre, Tate Modern and SPACE Gallery, amongst others.

Please contact me for more information, details or workshops enquiry via email.



Namuun Zimmermann is a London and Vienna based designer. Her work focuses on creating methods to explore social, political and cultural issues. By using different formats such as educational workshops she creates new ways of understanding contemporary phenomena. 

She is a lecturer at the Design Department at Goldsmiths University. In 2015 she has co- founded the experimental design collective Common Initiative (CI) with Rike Glaser, Adi Zaffran and Thomas Marriott.

In 2018 she has co founded with the designer Martijn Rigters the contemporary Design Studio Sain.





Goldsmiths University of London - Lecturer 

London, UK (2017 - now)

Pick & Mix - Method & Process Workshop

Goldsmiths University of London, UK (2018)

Anti Discipline - Educational Workshop

Stratford Girls' Grammar School & STORE, Startford upon Avon (2017)

Boom For Real - Educational Workshop

Barbican, London UK (2017)

t.n.a design studio - Designer

London, UK (2015 - 2017)

Clapton Trail -  Workshop Leader,

S.P.A.C.E & Clapton Girls Academy, London (2017)

Green Street Trail -  Workshop Leader,

S.P.A.C.E & Brampton Manor Academy, London (2017)

Flagmania -  Workshop Leader,

Serpentine Galleries, London (2017)

4017 Enacted Workshop -

Thomas Tallis School Greenwich, London (2016)

Flag Making Workshop

United against divider/Make it Clear, London (2016)

Your Boss is an Algorithm, Networking Event

Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston (2016)

Flag Making Workshop

S.P.A.C.E Gallery, London (2016)

Rest and Play -  Workshop Leader,

S.P.A.C.E & Clapton Girls Academy, London (2016)

Boisbuchet Vitra design workshop - 

Workshop Assistant,

Boisbuchet FR (2016)

Dada Polis -  Workshop Leader,

S.P.A.C.E & Bow School, London (2016)

Nightschool on Annares -  Workshop Leader, Kings College London (2016)

Palace of Youth - Stage Designer

Le Cirque De Сharles La Tannes, London (2015)

Deconstructing Gender Stereotypes - Term Teacher / Workshop leader,

Primary school St. Saviors, London (2015)


Deconstructing Gender Stereotypes - 

Workshop leader, Ocklynge Junior School, Eastbourne UK (2015)


Gender Stereotypes in Children´s Media -

Guest lecturer at Visual Culture, Imperial College, London (2015) 

Designing the Future - Guest lecturer / Workshop leader at Royal College of Art, London and Chatham UK (2014)


Nendo - Internship, Product design,

Tokyo Japan (2013)


Volvo - Internship, Interaction Design, Göteborg Sweden (2013)


Perludi - Internship, Product design and Exhibition Design, Graz Austria, (2010)


KidsRoomZoom Exhibition - Curation

Vienna, Austria (2010) 



2015 - MA Royal College of Art, Design Products, Platform 8 & 13, 


2013 - BA FH Joanneum,

Industrial Design, Graz, Austria


2012 - University Lund, Exchange, Product Design, Lund, Sweden


2008 - Technical School for Product Design, Radolfzell, Germany



WE-DOM - Clapton Trail & Green Street Trail, 
Supported by Bloomberg and Arts Council 

SPACE Gallery, London (2017)

4017 Enacted - Collecting Europe

Victoria and Albert Museum
Supported by Goethe Institut 

Constructing Ideas on Migrant Communities
Supported by Bloomberg and Arts Council 

SPACE Gallery, London (2016)

Spielhaus - Stalla Libra 

Sedrun, Switzerland (2015)


SHOW 2015 - Degree Show
Royal College of Art, London 


Work in Progress - P13

Royal College of Art, London (2015)


Unlike 8 - Gabi Klasmer Studios,

Group Exhibtion, London (2014)

Designing the Future - Hackatopia
The Historic Dockyard Chatham, Chatham UK



Work in Progress 
Royal College of Art, London (2014

52,84L - Gulbekian Gallery
Royal College of Art, London (2013


Final Show - Kunsthaus Graz

Graz, Austria (2013)






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