Namuun Zimmermann is a London based German-Mongolian designer. Her work focuses on creating methods to explore social and cultural issues and the impact self-improvement has on individuals. 


More recently her practice has focused on the gender stereotypical constraints which are imposed on children by society, a theme which she has continued to explore during her masters study at the Royal College of Art.  


´This is for boys and that is for girls,’


Children get taught which colors, toys, games, 

activities, cartoons and clothes are for each gender. These social rules become accepted, in turn this affects the behavior of children when they come to make their own decisions or express their own views. To stop this limitation she has been developing a series of workshops the focus of which is to allow children to explore their individual position towards their own identity.



Royal College of Art, Design Products (P13),

London, UK (2015)




University of Applied Science, 
FH Joanneum, Graz Austria

Lund University, 
Lund, Sweden