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In Collaboration with Rike Glaser, Thor ter Kulve & Adam Blencowe

Blocked Lesson plan delivered in workshop sessions at Clapton Girls Academy during April - June 2017

The Clapton Trail was commissioned by SPACE for the People Power Programme, sponsored by Bloomberg.

Clapton High Street has undergone a rapid change within the last decade. It faces the challenges of gentrification, whilst currently retaining a sense of a close community. Increasing rent prices and shifts in local demographics are forcing change on the retailing community in the area. 

The shop owners on the high street each play an unique role within the neighbourhood and reflect the ‘village’ feel of Clapton. Furthermore, the high street is so special because it reflects the legacy of multiculturalism specifically found in this part of Hackney. 

The project pairs students of Clapton Girls’ Academy with chosen shop owners that reflect the ethnic diversity of the street. Working with materials and products provided by the retailers, the students developed a series of markerpoints inspired by the London Blue Plaque. The finished outcomes are displayed in the Clapton shops and will highlight and celebrate these different cultural points along the trail. 

Photography: Rike Glaser

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