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In Collaboration with Rike Glaser, Thor ter Kulve & Adam Blencowe

Blocked Lesson plan delivered in workshop sessions at Brampton Manor during April - Oct. 2017

The Green Street Tile was commissioned by SPACE for the People Power Programme, sponsored by Bloomberg.

Green Street is a busy and thriving high street in the heart of the borough of Newham. It is famous for its multicultural food and clothing traders of The Queens Road market. The area has a strong South-Asian presence, which the retailers reflect, but pockets of Afro Caribbean, Eastern European and historic East-End traders can also be found. 

This project, held at Brampton Manor Academy, worked with a group of talented students during an after-school art club during five weeks. 

A symbolic tile was proposed to reference the pavement of Green Street and the students were asked to design and make tiles that reflect its diversity. 

Using artefacts collected from various high street shops, the young participants were encouraged to experiment and explore different methods of mould making and casting. The students used clay, plaster, alginate and Jesmonite during the making of these celebratory tiles.

Photography: Rike Glaser

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