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#People Power 10


In Collaboration with Rike Glaser, Thor ter Kulve & Adam Blencowe

Blocked Lesson plan delivered in workshop sessions at Brampton Manor & Clapton Girls Academy during April - Oct. 2017

WE DOM was commissioned by SPACE for the People Power Programme, sponsored by Bloomberg.

Year 8&9 ArtDesign & Technology students at Clapton Girls’ Academy, Hackney, and Brampton Manor Academy in Newham, have been developing a ‘micro’ social intervention in collaboration with local markets and shopkeepers, by building a number of cultural exchange points.

Working with artists Namuun Zimmermann, Rike Glaser, Adam Blencowe and Thor ter Kulve, the participants questioned how migration has changed, how its has developed the geography and history of the local environment and speculated what impact Brexit might have on the two multicultural areas.

The students discovered that mould making and casting techniques are some of the oldest forms of mass manufacturing. They learned about the different properties of materials such as plaster, silicone and Jesmonite, by exploring different techniques like rotation moulding, injection moulding and the wider context of mould making, with the relation of the master to its copy. For the lettering of the masters, which informed the silicone moulds, they used Computer Assisted Design in order to laser cut.

Finally, they created artefacts which demonstrate the social, cultural and aesthetic interaction and placed them at key point along their local high streets - linking up to create a trail for audiences to follow.

Photography: Rike Glaser

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