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In collaboration with Rike Glaser

Commissioned by Barbican Centre parallel to Boom For Real, Basquiat

2017, London UK

This workshop takes a closer look at the world of advertisement, self branding and popular culture and asks questions around the way people see and present themselves in our contemporary environment. What is our attitude towards self-presentation and popular culture and superficiality?

Inspired by the unique ‚graffiti‘ style of Basquiat the participants were invited to create unique posters and banners representing their interpretation of the ‚branded‘ self. 

How does popular culture stand in relation to brands and advertisement and what is our attitude towards them? How can we reconstruct this world of branding? What did Basquiat deliver with his paintings? 

Together with the students, our aim was to create a series of banners using the collage technique to construct their own individual interpretation, and to combine those with their own message using black markers and crayon -  materials inspired by the different styles Basquiat has used during his amazing, but short, career. 

Basquiat, Boom For Real, Barbican 2017

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