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Term teaching at After School Club, Bow School, Tower Hamlets, 2016

Supported by Bloomberg

Dada-Polis is a project with year nine students at Bow School, Tower Hamlets as part of their Design&Technology curriculum.
The workshop is part of the People Power Programme 2016, an innovative school centred art and technology programme that brings STEM subjects alive through art and creativity.

Together with the Students at Bow School we created a multi layered, imaginative community represented in 3D printed architectural collages, Collaged objects and a flag which together form the miniature landscape of Dada-polis. To celebrate the contributions of migrants to a community and to test ideas around the question: How would you construct a welcoming community in which locals and migrants exchange and embrace diverse cultures? How do people keep hold of cultural traditions or store important memories, information and other ‘data,’ when they move from one location to another? How can cultural artefacts promote social interaction and togetherness? 

In collaboration with Rike Glaser (CI)

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