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2015, London UK





'They have aisles for boys and girls so boys don't get the wrong things.'



9 year old child, quoted by the National Union of Teacher Report, Breaking the Mould, 2013 

Stereotypes are in many ways important, allowing the expression of social and cultural attitudes. Unfortunately stereotypes are often based on prejudices which in turn places 

constraints on people´s lives. Individuals are prevented from doing the things they want to do - stopped by the pressure to fulfill the expectations or ideals imposed on them. 


From birth, structural constraints are imposed on children by society.

Children get taught which colors, toys, games, activities, cartoons and clothes are for each gender.

These patterns or social rules: ‘This is for boys and that is for girls,’ become accepted, which in turn affects the behavior of children when it is time for them to make their own decisions or express their own views. Using social experiments, existing game methodologies and the format of role play, I have begun to deconstruct the social and cultural structures and attitudes which surround children.  

By doing this I have designed a methodology which allow children to explore their position towards their own identity, breaking down structural limitations or constraints imposed on them. In turn helping them to improve their independent decision making.

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