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VALUE x 1000


2014, 52.81£, Platform 8, Gulbekian Gallery, Royal College of Art, London


Increase the value of a metal scouring pad by thousand. This project interprets Marcel Duchamp´s Readymade by exploring possibilities of reusing, reevaluating, staging and characterizing an ordinary daily life object to maximize the value of an object itself.


The project shows a process of diverse attempts to increase value where no value lies. Using diverse systems and media to expose possible qualities and struggling to expose what design and art could be, the project concluded on:


"...a form of denying the possibility of defining art.“  Marcel Duchamp



Readymade Value x 1000 was exhibited at the Platform 8 show 52.81£ at the Royal College of Art in 2014.

The group show 52.81£ is a collection of eleven disparate readymades, which, through careful evaluation, serve as the impetus for the revelation of our subjective values. 

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