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Term teaching at Clapton Girls' Academy, Borough of Hackney, London 2016

Supported by Bloomberg

»Beyond food, water and shelter a greater emphasis on the unique needs of children along the migration route is critically needed and could be met through child specific interventions such as safe space for play and rest.« World Vision 2016


Rest and Play is a project with year nine students at Clapton Girls' as part of their Design&Technology curriculum. The workshop is part of the People Power Programme 2016, an innovative school centred art and technology programme that brings STEM subjects alive through art and creativity. 


Clapton Girls‘ Academy students have designed play and entertainment objects for children in refugee camps that can be assembled in combination with any materials available. These designed parts together with the instructions made by the students form the main elements of the flat-packed ‘rest and play KITs’, which will be send to a refugee camp after the exhibition. The students created a number of ‘rest and play KITs’ each responding to a different theme and usage of found materials such as a low-tech nightlight as a companion for the children, a ring game constructed from found sticks, modules to connect cardboard pieces in order to built a space for playing, a bowling game made from plastic bottles. 

In collaboration with Rike Glaser (CI)

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